BYU Haka

The BYU Haka: "Hoi a Taitamariki"
The BYU Haka: "Hoi a Taitamariki"

The BYU Haka which is Maori in origin has special meaning and purpose for the BYU Rugby players, staff and alumni.

Called “Hoi a Taitamariki” the BYU Haka pays respect and hommage to Book of Mormon story of the 2,000 Sons of Helaman and their extreme faith and obedience.

Though the purposes are many “Hoi a Taitamariki” is a challenge to both teams and is a sign of respect to the opposition.

With the most culturally diverse team on BYU’s campus another purpose of “Hoi a Taitamariki” is to unify and challenge the players to perform like their mentors, the Sons of Helaman, both on and off the field.

Below is a video on “Hoi a Taitamariki” and the purpose it plays in the BYU Rugby program: