BYU To Opt Out of D1-A Post Season

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Provo, UT–Brigham Young University Rugby announced today that it will no longer be participating in USA Rugby’s Collegiate Division 1A postseason tournament and is in the process of evaluating post-season options for the upcoming 2013 Winter/Spring 15s collegiate rugby season.

According to BYU Rugby head coach David Smyth, “We have observed the rapidly changing collegiate rugby environment and have come to the conclusion that we should evaluate other options for the post-season.”

This decision is effective immediately.

It is expected that a follow-on announcement of the team’s regular-season and playoff intentions will be issued in a short time.


10 Responses to “BYU To Opt Out of D1-A Post Season”
  1. Runnerguy45 says:

    Well guys, where do you guys end up ? Must have a plan in mind ?

  2. Ensign says:

    Last year, Cal withdrew from USAR also. Their HC, Jack Clark listed the reasons why they withdrew. I’m wondering if BYU shares any of the same concerns with the directed of USAR? I’ve also read that Navy is following BYU out the door. Here’s the link to Jack Clark’s Q&A:

  3. swappmeet says:

    My guess is that it has more to do with the new eligibility requirements that USA Rugby has just come out with trying to address post mission players being older. (copied and pasted from usarugby newsletter on May 25)

    For Immediate Release
    May 25, 2012

    USA Rugby levels the playing field with new college eligibility regulations

    BOULDER, Colo. – Effective September 1, 2012 USA Rugby will adopt a new set of college eligibility regulations that eliminate ambiguity that exists in the previous regulations, define key terms, enable a streamlined appeals process, and foster a level playing field for college rugby athletes.

    As always, USA Rugby encourages you to read the regulations in full.

    Summary of College Eligibility Changes
    Five-year eligibility clock begins the semester following High School graduation or equivalent
    Eligibility can be extended for up to one year
    Extensions granted for missing one full academic year (for a variety of qualifying reasons) during the five-year window or for medical hardship preventing participation in rugby
    Consortium agreement defined and documentation required for multi-school eligibility
    Expanded definition regarding amateur status

  4. Runnerguy45 says:

    Navy is now in the ACC Rugby league. They will dominate.

  5. This is a very confusing bit of news which I hope receives some clarification sooner rather than later.

    Cal dropped out of DI-A and for what? They just had a two-loss regular season, no postseason, and came up short in the semis of the CRC Sevens tourney. No one’s talking about them right now.

    I would hate for BYU to suffer the same fate, even if only in the short-term. BYU just won the DI-A National Championship, and less than one month later, we’re leaving the DI-A? Why?? What are we really going for here???

    I don’t get it, because leaving the DI-A in the short term does at least mean one thing: no National Championship run for BYU. Help, please???

  6. Alma says:

    What was the point of making this announcement unless there was a plan? It’s one thing to have concerns about a new rule but to cut off completely and ruin your recruiting for a year? Please post an explanation as I hope there is a really good one. Otherwise this announcement has been a PR/Recruiting nightmare.

  7. Runnerguy45 says:

    Rumor has it the reason Jack Clark and Cal dropped was USA Rugby took the gate money from last years final against BYU and gave Cal and BYU nothing. Nor did USA Rugby promote the event which is why JC is fawning over the 7s CRC event and wants nothing to do with USA Rugby.

  8. :) says:

    O ye of little faith…..I’m sure this is in the best interest of the BYU Rugby program. Just because you don’t know what the plan is…YET, don’t be befuddled by the pish-posh and hodge-podge. Smyth and the boys know what’s best for the BYU Rugby family, (including all the fans and supporters). Let’s just keep supporting them. As far as recruiting goes, what recruiting? The majority of the team WANTS to be there, ie walk ons, etc. If the coaches are willing to go out and recruit a player, it’s usually a player that does not care who he plays, as long as he gets a chance to put the Y on his chest.

    • Alma says:

      I am only addressing the decision to make the announcement without an explanation or outlining a plan. It creates buzz, sure, but it can also have a negative affect.

      I know that Cal players weren’t happy at all with what went down this year and you can’t tell me that it didn’t affect their play and motivation.

      Players do care who we play. You can only grow by competing against the best teams you can find. Recruiting is a factor and will only become more so if Rugby continues to grow (which I believe is one of the factors behind this decision). I have had several instances where Jack Clark tried to recruit members of my family away from BYU to Cal. Why do you think that Arkansas has risen in the last few years, recruiting.

      Ultimately, I do have faith that our coaches and other powers have taken time to consider all the options and have come up with an amazing solution. I guess it is just hard to envision what that solution may be considering all of the factors. Maybe we will hear something substantive after the scheduled meeting on June 23rd in Houston, right?! Will BYU be going to the Pac-12 in Rugby?

  9. Ethan says:

    The problems with the new USA Rugby rules is that it would really only give kids 2 years of eligability after thier missions to learn the game of rugby. It would be such a disadvantage BYU really had no choice if they want to remain competitive. Every other country in the world has 18 year olds playing in the mens leagues. USA rugby has pushed the two programs that garnered any interest in rugby in america out. WAy to go.


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